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Thank You for supporting our Inaugural Biala Walk-a-thon!

Bhavani Stewart

Biala Principal

Recently I was in hospital for a hip replacement. One night I had a painful leg seizure. The nurse took ages, so I did the breath exercise you taught us, breath in for a count of 5, hold for a count of 1, breath out for a count of 6. By the time the nurse arrived, the pain was about a quarter of what it had been!

Jenny S,

Lennox Head

I had no idea laughing with a bunch of strangers could be so much fun! At the end of the session I felt renewed, mellow and relaxed. The biggest bonus was when I woke the next day and realised I had slept for a full eight hours - something I hadn't done for over six months!

Grace L,

East Lismore

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We engaged Meredith to run Laughter sessions for our guests during the school holidays in 2017. We had terrific feedback from our guests that the sessions were lots of fun and very much enjoyed.'

Cath Firkin, Manager

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'Thanks again for coming yesterday (July 2017), Everyone enjoyed your presentation very much. It takes a lot to get them involved in things and they were all involved. Well done :) 

Jo Shoultern, Volunteer Co-ordinator

Thank You Morning Tea for Volunteers and their clients with disabilities

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Meredith ran a Laughter session for us for 2017 Mental Health Week. We had a small, but enthusiastic group who learned some great tools to help us blow off stress. We also had a lot of  fun.

Leeann Hatfield, Office Manager