Learn how to bring laughter into your life.   every. single. day.

Give me 21 days - and I'll so you how you can change your life to be more resilient, confident and self-compassionate.


Can be done 1:1, or in small groups via phone or zoom.

5 ways to get more Laughter in your life

21 Day Laughter Challenge

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Laughter Yoga Leader Training

A 2-day course that will give you the skills you need to take the laughter to your community, workplace, family - wherever you wish to see people laughing!

Training as a Laughter Yoga Leader is the most fun training you'll ever get to do! 

In this training, you will get: 

  • A training reference book 

  • All you will need to get you started running your own community club/ laughter sessions

  • 6 weeks support followup from me (this will be arranged to best fit what you are training for)

  • Introduction to a wonderful laughter community

  • Certification 

  • A bit of business stuff so you can get the right insurance etc..

  • And SO much more...

Laughter Yoga Programs and Events

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Make your event stand out from the crowd! 


Laughter Yoga can take an event from being ho hum, to a room full of people with high energy, ready to go. It is perfect for an ice breaker, the after-lunch slump, and to get people engaged.

Meredith will develop a program to fit your schedule, time frame and budget. Be the first in your industry to use Laughter Yoga as boost to those yearly conferences, Christmas parties, Town Hall meetings, employee retreats and seminars.


Not just for businesses, Laughter Yoga can be used to help create connection and energy at celebrations such as Hen's Nights, birthday parties and weddings! And the Laughter is guaranteed! The only limit is your imagination.

Bring Laughter into your business

Why bring intentional laughter into your business? Studies show businesses can PROFIT from the benefits of laughter: 

  • Peak Performance: Regular intentional laughter improves brain power, memory​​ & innovative & creative thinking

  • Resilience: Laughter helps build emotional resilience to grow coping mechanisms in times of challenge

  • Oxygen: Laughter increases oxygen throughout the body, giving your brain and body an immediate boost

  • Feel Good! Laughter releases hormones and neurotransmitters that help manage pain and enhance mood

  • Immune system: Laughter contributes to overall good health & can help reduce absenteeism & staff turnover

  • Team Harmony, communication and motivation: it's far easier to be productive and to communicate well when you feel connected to your team & colleagues

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With Meredith's Laughter Yoga Business Training, we bring Laughter to your business, and then 'leave the laughter behind', so your teams continue to get the benefits throughout the year. 

Meredith will develop a training program specifically tailored to meet your business' size, time frame and budget.

Many older people, and those with intellectual or physical disabilities, can feel isolated and lonely, regardless of whether they live in care, or are with family. 

And there is such a simple solution - not just for those getting older, or living with disabilities, but for their carers and families too.

You guessed it - it's Intentional Laughter!

Studies have shown brining Intentional Laughter into the lives of those with who have limited ability through infirmity or age, and their carers, can change lives.


One woman I know described the effect intentional laughter had on her mother who had had a stroke. 'It changed her life' she said.


You can't get much better than that!

Are YOU a health professional who wants to see their patients and colleagues laugh more?


Find out how you can train to bring laughter into your health practice.

This training is suitable for carers, nurses, physios, occupational therapists, yoga teachers, lifestyle co-ordinators etc..  

The difference laughter can make is limited only by your imagination. 

Email Meredith now!

Laughter for people facing physical
and intellectual challenges