To some, the idea of hypnosis is watching people on stage acting like chickens. But hypnosis, although fun for a parlour trick or light weight entertainment, is a proven, cost effective and fast way to to achieve your goals.


See below for some of the benefits YOU can achieve with a bit of subconscious guidance.

Often you can achieve your desired outcome in one or two sessions. A hypnotherapist just creates the environment that allows you to get in touch with your subconscious - that part of your mind that wants the best for you. 

With hypnosis, YOU are always in control. You will NEVER do anything that you don't want to do. 

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you achiever your goals. 

Boost Academic Performance 

Is studying part of your future? Has it been a while since you walked into a classroom, or are you finalising your HSC?

Stress around academic performance, whether it's exam anxiety, or getting better marks can be a focus rather than the study itself. And that can lead to the opposite of what you want.

Hypnosis can free your mind to focus on the study, and the results. Chat to me to day to find out more. 

Improve Creativity

Are you one of those people who has a novel in you, but you've never put pen to papers?

Or do you have a number of unfinished creative projects lying around your home - woodwork, tapestry, knitting? Maybe even painting? 

Unfinished creative project can be constant reminders of how we have let things slide. And you can often turn these into negative self talk too. 

But you CAN do something about it! Let hypnosis give you permission to let your artistic and creative self soar!



Memory loss is incredibly frustrating. We've all suffered from it at some stage, and there is a belief that it just gets worse as we age.

But it doesn't have to be like that for you. 

Hypnosis can help jump-start your memory so you don't have to be embarrassed or caught on the hop again. 


Quit Smoking

Imagine this. You are a smoker, and smoke 30 cigarettes a day. That's about $210 per week, adding up to nearly $11k per year. What else could you do with that money? Take a holiday? Buy a new car?

  Within two years you could even start seriously thinking about a deposit for your own home! So you want to quit, but willpower and those pesky little patches just aren't working for you.

  Imagine putting the money that is currently going up in smoke toward something more fulfilling, and healthier. What would it be?

Weight Control

You have the middle-aged spread.


Everyone tells you it's natural. But you feel uncomfortable, your clothes don't fit, and you'd love to go to the beach but feel too self conscious. 


Imagine fitting into that swimsuit you bought just last year, or pulling on last season's jeans and finding they fit.


How would that make you feel?


Reduce Anxiety

Imagine this. 

You walk into your office, the local supermarket,pick your kids up from school.

You see someone who you admire. You walk up to them, they greet you with a smile, and you start a conversation. You don't break into a sweat, you don't run away. You connect. 

Fantasy? Well that's up to you. But hypnosis can help you live this scenario as your reality and say goodbye to anxiety and stress.