Laughter in the Community

To prove to you what a great health tool laughter can be, I invite you to come along to the free community Belly Laughter Club. 


Experience first hand how laughter can help raise your spirits, boost your immune system, give your heart a workout, enhance creativity, promote emotional resilience, help you connect you with others as well as being a great antidote for loneliness and more...

The health and wellbeing of Belly Club members is my number 1 priority. So, due to COVID 19, Belly Laughter Club ceased to meet in March 2020.

Fast forward to mid 2021, and I'm hoping to launch a new Laughter Club for the local area later this year. 

Email me here for further information.

Pre - COVID19

me getting ready to present LYCJF 2018.j
me presenting LYCJF (2).jpg
LYCJF Laughter labyrinth 2018.jpg

Sunset Laughter Labyrinth on the beach. 

LYCJF ozharvest.jpg
The 2018 Laughter Conference and Joy Festival was a transformational event.
I had the privilege of opening the event with my presentation The Science of Happiness, and just as well, because the content just got better and better! 
And we were blessed to have a group of Japanese Laughers join us - this truly is an international community!
LYCJF participants 2018.jpg

We had some food left over, so we were happy to donate it to OzHarvest.

Fundraising money and personal care products for Share the Dignity 2017 - a group providing personal care products for women who are homeless

Bringing Intentional Laughter to a Charity Comedy Night 

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.02.42.png

Appreciation Certificate from Biala for bringing Intentional Laughter to their inaugural walk-a-thon

Biala Certificate of Appreciation Meredi

Fundraising for Movember 2017 - a charity that aims to promote Mens' Health Iniatives