Meredith's Story

I'm mostly a glass half-full kind of person. Mostly. I have my moments.

You see I figured out a long time ago that I had to being happy a daily choice. It's not just some amorphous mist that settles on me and makes everything ok. 

I'll give you an example. Many years ago I got a new job, one which I was really excited about. There were a lot of politics in this workplace, and I was completely on the fringe - totally ignorant of the situation. I took advice from someone senior to me to take some actions that, well, backfired on me (I'm sure you have experienced something similar). 

This meant my boss didn't trust me, and therefore didn't like me. The office atmosphere was unpleasant. I started to feel low. I dreaded going to work, to this job I had dreamed of for years.  

Then one day I decided to take charge. When my boss arrived, I smiled and said 'Good Morning'. He looked surprised, maybe even a bit nervous! But I kept up a happy, cheerful disposition every day, regardless of how I was feeling. 

The change was miraculous. I went from being on the outer of the group, to a valued member of the team. I met, and became friends with, my boss' wife and family. I became his confidante. He trusted me. Many years later he told someone he knew I always had his back. High praise. 

And from that day I decided to smile and say good morning, I made a conscious effort to bring my sense of inner happiness to every interaction, wherever I went. Family. Friends. Pubs. Hotels. Petrol stations. Supermarkets. Even if I didn't feel like it. 

I didn't realise it then, but that epiphany set me on a path to live a happier life - on purpose. 

Now being happy as a concept is everywhere. People are talking about being happy, or helping others be happy, or studying how to be happy. I say 'bring it on'! There are a few misunderstandings about happiness.

Has my life been one long happy? Hell no!

My first husband took his life when I was just 31. Like you, I have been treated badly by colleagues and bosses. I've said goodbye to grandparents. Farewelled friends who've left this life too early and left a hole where their smile was. Seen family members suffer ill health (both physical and mental) and been unable to make it better. Been through some experiences way too unpleasant to list here. 

Over the years, I have studied both at university, and on my own direction. I have pursued, achieved and ultimately left, a corporate career in change and communications, public relations and media.  

I have managed to maintain my inner happy. This doesn't mean I'm 'up' all the time, but accept the full range of emotions in life. I revel in the feelings of happiness, and know that when sadness, anger, resentment are present, well, they will pass. 

My focus now is to share happiness with others. I run a weekly community laughter club in my home town. I regularly give presentations on laughter, happiness and positive mindset to community groups.

And I am engaged by businesses to help them bring laughter and happiness into their workplace is a sustainable way.

In fact, it would be fair to say I have a bit of a crush on learning about how to develop the skills that can help us all live more fulfilled and contented lives.

Cool, isn't it!

Here is a snapshot of my studies:

  • Certificate in Science of Happiness, University of California, Berkley (2018)

  • Certified in Krasner Method of Hypnotherapy, Murray Parr Training (2018)

  • Master of Arts, Communication Management, University of Technology Sydney (2004)

  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer, Kataria Method, Laughter Yoga International University (2017 and 2018)

  • Certificate IV Small Business Management, South East Queensland TAFE (2012)

  • Graduate Diploma of Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney (1998)

  • Nutrition Certificate from Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja California (2013)

  • Coaching Certificate from the DSWA in Hawai’i (2014)

As well as my academic achievements, I am a Silver and Bronze medalist with Australian Toastmasters. I have written my first book, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Inner Health and Outer Beauty, published in 2016, which has been well-received around the world (click here to order your copy now).


I am researching my next book. And there will be more because I just can't get enough of helping people live with contentment, happiness and joy. 

Want to know more about having more happiness in YOUR life? Just call me!

Get in touch with me at, or on (61) 434 076 183.